Divisionary 3.1

WSC 3.1.X / WBB 5.1.X

See the in Video below, how easy it is to change the colors in Divisionary

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Divisionary is the ideal style for gamers and communities who value a fresh modern style.

The design has 4 additional box styles (boxStyleMainColor, boxStyleLight, boxStyleDark and boxStyleRound) which are added to the standard boxes.


Special: hover effects in the forum, gallery, user panel and the dashboard icon.

Footer and top boxes have been expanded and adapted.

Easy to change the colors in Header and Footer graphic.

4 other box styles (boxStyleMainColor, boxStyleLight, boxStyleDark and boxStyleRound) that can be used anywhere.

Logo animation (Desktop & Mobile).

100% Responsive.

and many more

Adapted to the following plugins

Woltlab Forum

Woltlab Blog

Woltlab Filebase

Woltlab Calendar

Viecode Marketplace

Modern Shoutbox

Published Versions

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