WSC 3.1.X / WBB 5.1.X

See the features in Video below

GameChanger is the ideal style for gamers and communities who value a fresh modern style.

The design has 4 additional box styles (boxStyleMainColor, boxStyleLight, boxStyleDark and boxStyleRound) which are added to the standard boxes.

GameChanger is available in 7 different colors as a package, perfectly matched.


Special: hover effects in the forum, gallery, user panel and the dashboard icon.

Footer and top boxes have been expanded and adapted.

Style as a package in 7 colors that are perfectly matched.

4 other box styles (boxStyleMainColor, boxStyleLight, boxStyleDark and boxStyleRound) that can be used anywhere.

Logo animation (Desktop & Mobile).

100% Responsive.

and many more

Adapted to the following plugins

Woltlab Forum

Woltlab Blog

Woltlab Filebase

Woltlab Calendar

Viecode Marketplace

Modern Shoutbox

Published Versions

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